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The Quest To Turn Summer Into Winter

It is difficult to imagine life lived in the Colorado River Valley and the deserts of western Arizona during the months of summer without the magic of air conditioning. This harsh reality, however, is not ancient history. Today we keep the brutal heat at bay with...

A World Transformed

Before 1950 motels in the southwest operated in an upside world during the months of summer. Many offered special day rates for travelers who preferred to drive the desert at night. For a few motels on busy highways such as Route 66, summer was boom time as a room...

A Long Tradition

Even though air conditioning as we know it today is a relatively recent phenomena, an argument could easily be made that the professionals at AIRzona Heating and Cooling Comfort Solutions are carrying on a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. After all,...

Did You Know?

We can't imagine life without it, especially here in the desert southwest. However, there was a time not so long ago that the installation of air conditioning was a newsworthy event and a marketing opportunity. Today the professionals at AIRzona Heating and Cooling...

Are You Ready For Summer?

The calendar indicates that this is the beginning of spring. Here in the Colorado River Valley and western Arizona that means that the thermometer will soon hit 90 degrees and higher. Are you ready? Is your air conditioner ready for months of use? Is your HVAC system...

Beating The Heat

People are remarkably adaptive to new technologies. In 1896 a Duryea Motor Wagon, the first automobile manufactured for sale in the United States, was viewed as a curiosity. Montgomery Ward said that it was a fad the children should see before it passes. The Barnum...

Odd, Very Odd, and Oddest of All

My dad was a proponent of quick witticisms and bits of wisdom. One of his favorite sayings was that is was better to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all. As an example consider this presidential air conditioning factoid. Herbert Hoover was...

A History of Staying Warm

For centuries keeping the chill of winter at bay was accomplished by stacking wood, and by rubbing two sticks together or using a flint, starting a fire. The shortcomings were evident regardless of whether the fire was in a cave or fireplace; one side baked while the...

What Is An HVAC System?

Let's start with the basics. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It not only controls the temperature of a room through heating and cooling, it also controls the humidity level through careful distribution of air inside the room. And it also...

A World Without AC

Imagine this. In 1964, air conditioning was still an option - in Cadillac's. The pleasant and even livable life in the desert southwest that we take for granted is a relatively recent phenomena. Not so long ago beating the blistering heat of summer required the...
The Sponge

The Sponge

A pioneer in the development of air conditioning, especially automotive air conditioning, was Charles Kettering. As an historic side note Kettering was also the genius behind development of the electric starter for automobiles, leaded gasoline, automotive ignition...

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