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Here in the Colorado River Valley where summer temperatures soar we give more thought to cooling rather than heating homes. Still, winter mornings can be quite nippy. And so for heating or cooling needs we call AIRzona Comfort Solutions.

The professionally trained technicians at AIRzona Comfort Solutions keep abreast of the latest developments and they offer the most energy efficient equipment. But there is a place where cold, not heat, dominates the seasons. It is an almost magical place of fire and ice where the future is today.

Several years ago Iceland went from being almost wholly dependent on imported to fuel to being the first country that gets one hundred percent of its heat and electricity from renewable sources. And now they are energetically working to sever the ties completely by developing futuristic fishing fleets, cars and buses that operate on renewable energy.

To that end the government and private sector industries are investing in cutting edge technologies. This includes experimentation on a means for using electricity to separate hydrogen from water. If successful this would be the first step in powering vehicles, including fishing boats, using hydrogen fuel cells.

Geothermal energy is the cornerstone of this amazing transformation. That story begins in 1907. That was the year that a farmer used concrete pipes to funnel steam from a hot spring into his house. Then in 1930 the government began developing a system to use hot water to heat every home in Reykjavík, the capital.

A decade ago hydroelectric facilities generated 80% of the nations power. Tapping geothermal fields accounted for the remaining 20%. However, in recent years there has been a shift to increased dependence on geothermal and tide generated electricity as well as solar.

As of 2018 hot water in homes, and nearly 90% of of the country’s heating needs, use geothermal water. These warm, and even hot waters are also used to keep city streets ice free. And when treated and cooled, homes and businesses are provided with cold drinking water.

Ever aspect of society is being transformed through these endeavors. As an example, aluminum manufacturing is one of the country’s leading industries. Geothermal energy is now supplying most of the industries process needs.

The processing and production of salt, another major industry, has also adapted the use of geothermal energy. Expansive greenhouses heated with geothermal energy now allow for the growing of fruit, vegetables, and flowers throughout the year. This has allowed for developed of large commercial fish farms.

And recently the country began building infrastructure for another industry. The abundant and growing energy sector is allowing Iceland to pursue the goal of being the world’s premier data storage center.

Embracing change and adapting to new technologies is never easy. But as new energy efficient heating and cooling systems are developed, AIRzona Comfort Solutions will have trained technicians to install and service them. And that is another reason to call the Colorado River Valley home.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America


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