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My dad was a proponent of quick witticisms and bits of wisdom. One of his favorite sayings was that is was better to fill the head with useless knowledge than no knowledge at all. As an example consider this presidential air conditioning factoid. Herbert Hoover was the first president to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning while working in the Oval Office. He had it installed in late 1929 at a cost of nearly $30,000. As a bit of perspective, a new Ford could be purchased fro about $585.00.

Here are a few more air conditioning oddities. Philon of Byzantium invented an apparatus for measuring temperature at some point in the 3rd Century B.C. In the 17th Century Francis Bacon developed several formulas for mixtures that induced refrigeration. Based upon Bacon’s work, author J. Leurechon coined the word thermometer in his book La Recreation Mathematique published in 1624.

Philippe Lahire is the first person credited for use of pressurized gasses to create ice in a laboratory. He accomplished this in 1685. Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, in 1730, developed the first functional mercury thermometer and a scale for measuring temperature. Meanwhile, in 1742, Anders Celsius developed the Centigrade Temperature Scale that was later named Celsius Temperature Scale.

Oliver Evans developed a crude system for cooling through the use of vacuum and pressurized gas. This was the first patent issued in United States for refrigeration. That was in 1805. Frederic Tudor of Boston, Massachusetts used Evans contraption and established an ice company in the same year. In 1849, Alexander Catlin Twining took the concept a step further through experiments with vapor compression refrigeration and ice making. Six years later he established the first commercial ice making plant using vapor compression refrigeration constructed in Cleveland, Ohio. Twining was also instrument in development of the first refrigerated railroad cars. That was in 1858. During the same period James Harrison of Australia established a revolutionary meet freezing plant.

In 1864, Scientific American published a series of articles that discussed advances in refrigeration and how these be used in hospitals. The following year Daniel Somes began seeking investors in a system to refrigerate hotels, theaters, churches and other public buildings. Resultant of the exorbitant cost, the project was stillborn.

Still, several companies developed systems for refrigeration and in 1876 the first intercontinental refrigerated transport by ship landed in the United States from England. Two years later the first refrigerated morgue opened in Paris. And in 1892, M. Dillenberg set another milestone when he built the first air conditioned home in the United States. The American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers was founded by Hugh Barron, Louis Hart and William Mackay two years later. One of the organizations first projects was to develop a proposal for the cooling of the Senate wing of the United States Capital in 1895.

AIRzona Heating & Cooling Comfort Solutions may not be making history or establishing milestone. They are, however, the experts in western Arizona when it comes to heating or cooling your home or office, and to ensuring that the system operates efficiently.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America


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